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Here's Why Revenge Trading is Dangerous

Let's say you made a loss after trading profitably for a little longer time. what would be your response? You will be trying to cover that loss right. Yes you need to; but give it some time. If you had made a loss then shut your computer and walk away, take a break and relax. 
Normally you would be looking for a big trade to cover that loss. I heard people say that they blew their account that has been accumulated by taking small trades. They made it by taking small trades day after day and just one trade, that was it. Discipline is the key, Never ever compromise.
Don't go for aggressive trading after making a loss. Otherwise you are giving a chance to blew your account. Don't let your emotion play a role here. Study it, where did you go wrong, Learn from that mistake and never repeat the same mistake again.
Keep in mind that you are not like a normal employee or a business. Trade only when you see the opportunity. You are not in a 8-5 Job. You don't necessarily have …
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Enter in to a trade only when you have the confidence.

Never enter in to a trade without confidence. You must have that probability to win the trade. Knowledge of entry, exit and stop loss is not the important part. The vital part of trade is following these rules. One must be disciplined to succeed.
You may have made profits in the same script for many times but that doesn't mean you are going to make profit in that again. Never get emotional attachment with any stock. The beautiful part of trading is we all know if we are going to win the trade or not just after the entry. Still we hold and wait till making a big loss.
Cut losses early when you know "You are in wrong place at the wrong time." We may enter in to a trade hoping to exit early as possible but when things go wrong you will wait and say I'm a value investor. No.. You are not. This is a big mistake that most beginners make in sock markets. Always Stick to the rule.

Starting Trouble?

Most of us have the dilemma whether to start trading or not. Its best to start with paper trading if you don't have any experience in the market. Start watching the market and step by step start trading with small amount. Problem with paper trading is that you can learn it but still you won't have that psychological feeling when your hard earned money is seems fluctuating. You have to experience that at least once. Then you are a trader.
 Fear and Hope are very important in trading. Keep your wings balanced with these two if you want to fly towards your goal. If fear is more then you will never become a trader. You will watch the market and think what if the market goes opposite, you don't want to loose the money. Its normal.. nobody wants to loose their money. Think about the opportunities that you had, Only you have seen it and only you can see it again. So take action, Keep that balance and Fly...

Finding who you are and what you are expecting from the Market.

There are millions of traders in the world trading in different markets. There are the ones who can play at different markets and some are concentrated to only one. It’s up to you decide where you want to invest. First of all you must select if you want stocks and commodities. Both markets are for making money but you must have an idea that if you want to go with both or Just one. I won’t say one market is good and the other one is not. Commodities are dealing with futures as of now in India and they are about to introduce Options.
For stocks you have Equity, Futures and Options where the last two are more risky. Futures and Options have an expiry period while you can hold equities for the life time if you want to. I was just giving some comparison for you to have an Idea about the market and to choose where you want to concentrate on.
Some of us are Investors, Who would buy the stock and hold it for a very long time while some of us are Intraday Traders and some are swing traders.
So, l…

FII/FPI & DII trading activity in NSE, BSE and MSEI on 01 march 2017

Foreign Institutional Investors/ Foreign Poertfolio Investors
FII/FPI trading activity on NSE,BSE and MSEI in Capital Market Segment(In Rs. Crores)CategoryDateBuy ValueSell ValueNet ValueFII/FPI01-Mar-20175205.385403.65-198.27
Domestic Institutional Investors DII trading activity on NSE,BSE and MSEI in Capital Market Segment(In Rs. Crores)CategoryDateBuy Value