Starting Trouble?

Most of us have the dilemma whether to start trading or not. Its best to start with paper trading if you don't have any experience in the market. Start watching the market and step by step start trading with small amount. Problem with paper trading is that you can learn it but still you won't have that psychological feeling when your hard earned money is seems fluctuating. You have to experience that at least once. Then you are a trader.

 Fear and Hope are very important in trading. Keep your wings balanced with these two if you want to fly towards your goal. If fear is more then you will never become a trader. You will watch the market and think what if the market goes opposite, you don't want to loose the money. Its normal.. nobody wants to loose their money. Think about the opportunities that you had, Only you have seen it and only you can see it again. So take action, Keep that balance and Fly...


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