Finding who you are and what you are expecting from the Market.

There are millions of traders in the world trading in different markets. There are the ones who can play at different markets and some are concentrated to only one. It’s up to you to decide where you want to invest. First of all, you must select if you want stocks and commodities. Both markets are for making money but you must have an idea that if you want to go with both or Just one. I won’t say one market is good and the other one is not. Commodities are dealing with futures as of now in India and they are about to introduce Options.

For stocks, you have Equity, Futures, and Options where the last two are riskier. Futures and Options have an expiry period while you can hold equities for the lifetime if you want to. I was just giving some comparison for you to have an Idea about the market and to choose where you want to concentrate on.

Some of us are Investors, Who would buy the stock and hold it for a very long time while some of us are Intraday Traders and some are swing traders.

So, let’s decide what you want from the market? Money, right  Yes! all of us here to make money but you must understand first that what you are expecting from the market. A study Income, A long term Investment, maybe education, short term; it could be anything as far you are concerned. If you know what you are expecting then you also have to understand that the risk which you can bear. Some are ready to lose the investment but some want safety.


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