Here's Why Revenge Trading is Dangerous

Let's say you made a loss after trading profitably for a little longer time. what would be your response? You will be trying to cover that loss right. Yes you need to; but give it some time. If you had made a loss then shut your computer and walk away, take a break and relax. 

Normally you would be looking for a big trade to cover that loss. I heard people say that they blew their account that has been accumulated by taking small trades. They made it by taking small trades day after day and just one trade, that was it. Discipline is the key, Never ever compromise.

Don't go for aggressive trading after making a loss. Otherwise you are giving a chance to blew your account. Don't let your emotion play a role here. Study it, where did you go wrong, Learn from that mistake and never repeat the same mistake again.

Keep in mind that you are not like a normal employee or a business. Trade only when you see the opportunity. You are not in a 8-5 Job. You don't necessarily have to take a trade when market gets open. 


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